AA-30 Billet Aluminum Magazine

AA-30 Billet Aluminum Magazine
AA-30 Billet Aluminum Magazine
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The AA-30 Billet Aluminum Magazine is cut from solid billet aluminum. This is a magazine like no other. Designed to be a perfect component for the most discerning customers, this magazine will set off even the most customized carbines.
Precision cut from two solid pieces of aluminum, these 30 round 5.56 x 45 (.223) magazines feel like no other. They are the perfect compliment for your custom gun. You know the one - the AR you pull out when you want someone to quietly whistle to themselves… This magazine has literally stopped people in their tracks from across a gun store showroom floor, and brought them over asking questions. Your AR can be as unique as you are, and these magazines will elevate the look of any AR they come in contact with.
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